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Lebanon To March for Secularism

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Several thousand miles, two kids, and an unfinished dissertation prevent me from attending the secularism walk scheduled for this Sunday in Beirut. But that won’t stop me from guilting the rest of you into going, assuming that you’re in Lebanon and aren’t hung over from Saturday night partying in Gemmayzeh (where, I hear, Syria will soon be building a nuclear weapons plant. Groovy.)

So anyway, here’s the info. The march will begin in Ain Mreisseh, in front of the Abdel Nasser statue at 11AM on Sunday morning, proceeding from there (presumably downtown).

The campaign has a Facebook group page, a Facebook event page, a Twitter page, a blog, and a mailing list (email the subject heading “subscribe” to leblaique@gmail.com).

There’s also a graffiti campaign planned (including a Maya Zankoul creation designed for the Qifa Nabki blog, to be unveiled somewhere on Bliss Street), and demonstrations planned at Lebanese embassies and consulates worldwide. So get out there and make your voices heard!

For new readers who are interested in what all of this secularism business is, you can read up on the issue here, here, here, here, here, and here.

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One thought on “Lebanon To March for Secularism

  1. What is secularism in a Lebanese context? Is it desirable and can it be applied?

    Is this just a way for you people who are going down to feel like you are modern & progressive?

    It is irresponsible to call for secularism in Lebanon people our society is ready for such a thing. Otherwise, it will just lead to another civil conflict.

    I say enjoying a Sunday afternoon brunch is time better spent.

    Posted by Cano | April 22, 2010, 8:40 am

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