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Highly Unorthodox: The Week Lebanon Went Secular (And Ended Up More Sectarian Than Ever…)

When some future historian writes a chronicle of 21st-century Lebanon, she will likely devote a bemused footnote to the odd events of February 2013, when the country’s leaders saw fit to tear down a pillar of the confessional regime one week, only to erect another one a week later. On February 11, the Justice Ministry … Continue reading

What to Read on Lebanon’s Proposed 2013 Electoral Law

More in-depth remarks and commentary to follow, but for now I thought I’d put up a post containing links to some of the most relevant analysis of Lebanon’s Orthodox Gathering law, which has been passed by legislative committees and is headed to Parliament for a vote. See below: The OMG Proposal: Proportional Representation Meets Sectarian … Continue reading

Could the Orthodox Law Be a Boon for Lebanon’s Liberals?

The electoral law being championed by Lebanon’s Christian parties — also known as the Ferzli law, the Orthodox law, the Orthodox-Maronite Gathering law, or as we like to call it here at¬†Qifa Nabki, the “OMG law” — is the most backward, sectarian, reactionary, bloody-minded proposal to come out of a legislative committee in a very … Continue reading

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Akbar Palace on The Hezbollah Misconnection
Akbar Palace on The Hezbollah Misconnection
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Akbar Palace on The Hezbollah Misconnection
Samer Nasser on The Hezbollah Misconnection

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