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CBS 60 Minutes Segment on Israeli Settlements

I imagine that this video has gone viral by now, but if you have not yet seen it, make sure you do. It is only 13 minutes long. High bandwidth version Low bandwidth version, part 1 Low bandwidth version, part 2

Is Cedar Island A Hoax?

The more time one spends on the website of Noor Holding, the firm that is allegedly developing Cedar Island, the more one begins to get the creeping suspicion that this is one of the most brilliant hoaxes pulled off in recent memory. After all, their other projects include “Canadian Town”, a luxury full-service residence town … Continue reading

Stop Cedar Island! Stop Cedar Island! Stop Cedar Island! Stop Cedar Island! Stop Cedar Island!

Once upon a time, I would scoff at those who suggested that Lebanon was becoming an appendage of the gaudy, godless Gulf. I’d roll my eyes as shrill Lebanese communists whined about Solidere, bitter Christians accused Hariri of confiscating Lebanon for the Sunnis, and hypocritical  socialites complained about Khaleeji tourists, while making money hand over … Continue reading

Conspiracy Chronicles, no. 3

So I was having dinner the other night at the home of J, a lovable Beiruti architect whose incredible tabbouleh depends on the secret ingredients of pomegranate molasses and sumac in its dressing. Oops. Sorry J. Anyway, the topic of conversation was Beirut’s recent annointment as one of forty-four  must-visit destinations for 2009, by The … Continue reading

Engaging Syria, part 1

Everybody is talking about Obama’s need to engage Syria. The pro-engagement crowd has grown beyond the initial cadre of Arab-friendly analysts and now includes taste-makers and heavy hitters who have the ear of the President: people like Martin Indyk, Richard Haass, and others. Only a year ago, when Syria Comment and Creative Forum hosted discussions about Syrian-Israeli … Continue reading

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