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Who Will Win Lebanon’s Elections? (Part I)

I had lunch with one of Lebanon’s top pollsters a couple of days ago, and I asked him about whose chances he liked, now that we’re just over three months away from the parliamentary elections. He said that Aoun had not lost as much support among Christians as his opponents are claiming. In fact, many … Continue reading

Michael Young Comes to Hitchens’ Defense

Michael Young, opinion editor of the Daily Star, has an interesting op-ed today (“On Not Debating Christopher Hitchens”) about Hitchens’ visit to Beirut and the lecture he gave, entitled “Who are the Revolutionaries In Today’s Middle East?” In the article, Young sets his sights on a surprising target: the audience at the lecture, the majority … Continue reading

Saudi Arabia Slapping Siniora’s Wrist?

Abd al-Rahman al-Rashid pens a curious editorial in Asharq al-Awsat (via FLC) about the misspent foreign aid that Saudi Arabia has been doling out. After bashing Nabih Berri’s abusive treatment of Fouad Siniora and discussing the inevitable squabbles that will surround the billion dollar gift that KSA is planning for Gaza, al-Rashid takes aim, oddly, … Continue reading

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I thought I might draw your attention to a hilarious discussion on the FPM comment boards about whom the Aounists should nominate to face the Young Turks of March 14’s Christian parties (also known as the Related-To-Martyrs List). I’m referring, of course, to Michel “Micho” Mouawad (son of slain prez René Mouawad), Sami Gemayel (brother … Continue reading

The Experts are Coming!

Lawrence Osborne was part of the media junket flown to Lebanon last week by the March 14th lobby in Washington. Along with Christopher Hitchens and Michael Totten (and Charles Krauthammer, for all we know), he was brought in to observe the big rally and presumably to collect enough soundbytes to drizzle in his writings over … Continue reading

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