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Choices, choices…

Lebanese President Michel Sleiman just returned from a productive trip to Russia. Apparently, he modified Lebanon’s earlier request for a fleet of MiG-29’s, replacing them with an order for several Mi-24 attack helicopter gunships. A sensible idea, to my mind, given the fact that a MiG-29 can fly the length of Lebanon in 6 minutes, … Continue reading

Abolishing Confessionalism in Lebanon: A Poll By Information International

Information International, the polling and research firm that publishes The Monthly, one of my favorite publications¬† about Lebanese politics and economics, released the results of an interesting survey in January on the subject of abolishing confessionalism in Lebanon. I was traveling at the time and never had a chance to blog about it, but I’ve … Continue reading

The iPhone App Store Comes to Lebanon

Wouldn’t it be great if Lebanon’s problems could be solved by saying, simply: “There’s an app for that?” Now they can. (Click to enlarge) Thanks to the wonderfully talented Maya Zankoul for the illustrations. For previous collaborations between Qifa Nabki and Maya, click here.

UN Sanctions on Iran: How Should Lebanon Vote?

As Michael Young points out in his column in The Daily Star today, there’s a decent chance that Lebanon will soon find itself in a bit of a tight spot vis-√†-vis the proposed UN resolution to sanction Iran. Apparently, Obama administration officials believe that they can persuade China to get onboard, which would then put … Continue reading

Game-Changer: Nasrallah Announces a New Hezbollah Deterrence Strategy

What began as an apparent mistranslation of Ehud Barak’s remarks regarding Israel’s peace negotiations with Syria has snowballed into the clearest possible articulation of a new strategic posture by Syria and Hezbollah towards Israel. Let’s rewind the tape to last week. On February 1st, Ehud Barak made some remarks at an IDF gathering, saying something … Continue reading

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