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Bashar al-Assad’s National Address Disappoints

As I expected, Bashar al-Assad’s speech today was completely reactionary and devoid of any bold conciliatory gestures… Ok, so that’s not exactly what I expected. Let me be the first to admit that I was surprised by Bashar al-Assad’s disappointing (and, in my opinion, dangerously conservative) address to the Syrian people, earlier today. Rather than … Continue reading

Bashar al-Assad to Face the Nation

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad is scheduled to address his people tomorrow afternoon, one day after sacking his cabinet in the wake of increasingly bloody nationwide protests. Speculation is rampant on Twitter, Facebook, and the media about what al-Assad is likely to say. In my view, he has two broad options: He can play the blame … Continue reading

Syria and the Arab Rebellion

It’s Syria’s turn. Some friends and colleagues better positioned than I to speculate on the likely outcome of the protests in Der`aa have promised to write a few commentaries on the subject, perhaps early next week. In the meantime, let’s have an open forum on the subject. Please do post links to news items and … Continue reading

Who Needs Hizbullah? (According to Wikileaks, Not Nabih Berri)

Over the past several weeks, as Wikileaks has released its reams of US government cables full of politically damaging statements by the leaders of Lebanon’s March 14th coalition, many have remarked on the fact that Hizbullah and its allies have not exploited the documents as purposefully as they could have. Sure, there has been the … Continue reading

Wikileaks Cables on the July 2006 War

Apologies for the brief absence, folks. Things have been busy, but not busy enough to keep me from devouring all of the Wikileaks cables about the July 2006 War that al-Akhbar has been publishing. Mesmerizing stuff… For English speakers who may have trouble navigating the newspaper’s website, I’ve posted links to all of the relevant … Continue reading

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