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Will Hizbullah Send Lawyers to The Hague?

The Special Tribunal for Lebanon (STL) issued an important media advisory today, clarifying the next steps in the post-indictment phase of the Hariri trial. It discusses the arrest warrants, the rights of the accused, proceedings in absentia, and other issues. Here’s what happens next: The Lebanese government has 30 days to find the four suspects, … Continue reading

The Special Tribunal for Lebanon: A Primer

The STL is the big story again, and everyone is hungry for more information. Who are the four men that the Tribunal has indicted? Will the prosecutor’s office stop here or does it have evidence connecting the suspects with higher-ups within Hizbullah or the Syrian regime, as has been previously claimed? What else is in … Continue reading

STL Indicts Four Suspects in Hariri Murder

The Special Tribunal for Lebanon has confirmed Prosecutor Daniel Bellemare’s indictments of four suspects in the Hariri murder. While the indictment has not yet been made public, media leaks (which accurately predicted the indictment’s release) suggest that the four suspects are the following individuals: Mustafa Badreddine Salim Ayyash Hasan Aineysseh Assad Sabra The indictment has … Continue reading

Lebanese Lawmakers Reach Breakthrough on Pesky Tribunal Clause

While previous Lebanese governments have expressed their strong support for the U.N. Special Tribunal for Lebanon, the new government is expected to take a more equivocal stance in its ministerial policy statement. The committee in charge of drafting the statement has kept the language under tight wraps for the past two weeks, but our muckraking … Continue reading

What To Read On the Special Tribunal for Lebanon

I, the humble author of this blog, NOTING that two developments related to the Special Tribunal for Lebanon (STL) are rumored to be just around the corner: (1) the adoption, by the new Lebanese government, of a ministerial policy statement that may end Lebanon’s official cooperation with the STL; and (2) the confirmation of the … Continue reading

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