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Small Time Politics: Lebanon’s Parties Push Pawns In a Locked-Down Electoral Battle

The newspapers, morning radio, and political talk shows are lately focused on several burning issues: wire-tapping in the Ministry of Telecommunications, the budget of the Council for the South, and four Iranian diplomats who were murdered 27 years ago. Earth-shattering, isn’t it? This is what electoral politics amounts to in Lebanon these days: minor flaps … Continue reading

Michel Aoun & the Eastern Christians

I woke up this morning to be confronted with a flood of articles about the General’s trip to Damascus. Everywhere one looks, it seems, people are tripping over themselves to either claim or contest Aoun’s status as… er, how does one translate za’im masi7iyii al-sharq? The region’s head Christian? The Eastern-Christian-in-chief? Mr. Christianer-than-Thou? I don’t know about you, but I … Continue reading

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