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Alternatives to Skype in Lebanon

The blogosphere is boiling over with rage at the news that the Lebanese government may ban several voice-over-IP (VoIP) services this week in a crass move to boost revenue for the Telecommunications Ministry. Here at Qifa Nabki, we’re wondering what all the fuss is about. Surely there are alternatives to Skype, no? Are we so … Continue reading

The Prodigal Son

As many of you know, the Lebanese-Mexican tycoon Carlos Slim Helou was in Lebanon last week meeting with political and business leaders and discussing various projects of interest. Slim, who recently regained his title as the World’s Richest Man, was given a medal by Lebanon’s President Michel Suleiman, and fĂȘted in the Lebanese press for … Continue reading

The iPhone App Store Comes to Lebanon

Wouldn’t it be great if Lebanon’s problems could be solved by saying, simply: “There’s an app for that?” Now they can. (Click to enlarge) Thanks to the wonderfully talented Maya Zankoul for the illustrations. For previous collaborations between Qifa Nabki and Maya, click here.

Quid Pro Quo

(The scene: A Beirut cafe) Abu Michel: Did you hear that they’re trying to lower the voting age to 18? Abu Samir: Of course. What a ridiculous idea. Abu Michel: What do 18 year-olds know about anything? Abu Samir: When I was 18, I was still a child. Abu Michel: And the 18 year-olds these … Continue reading

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