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Aoun on Kalam al-Nas

aounMarcel Ghanem interviewed Michel Aoun last night on his popular talk show, Kalam al-Nas. The general was his regular fiery self, but plain were the signs of campaign fatigue: bags under the eyes, thinning hair, and a sallow complexion.

Marcel, meanwhile, was  in rare form, tugging at every loose thread and goading the FPM chief into one overblown pronouncement after another. Gone was the commanding presence of the would-be Bonaparte of Baabda, who once wiped the Cheshire Cat grin off Marcel’s face (if only for a nanosecond, alas) with his famous warning: rou2 3a sabri. Indeed, Aoun seemed a shadow of his former self. Even as he tried to convey a sense of optimism regarding his standing among Lebanon’s Christians, the look in his eyes seemed to suggest a slightly more desperate sentiment: “Pourvu que ça dure!”

The General probably needn’t worry, however, because his Christian opponents are feckless and divided, and because he himself has donned the mantle of a sectarian za’im as though it were an old bathrobe. The topics under discussion last night? Let’s see… Christians, Achrafieh, Christians, Syria, Hizbullah, Hariri Inc., and Christians. The Pope of the East confirmed once again that he is just as willing to dabble in sectarian scaremongering, as he hinted darkly at the Saracenic threat lurking in the next municipal elections. And while I take comfort in the fact that there are people on both sides of the political divide who as disturbed by this posture as I am (see two recent editorials by the Daily Star’s Michael Young and al-Akhbar editor Khaled Saghieh), ultimately, it seems that complaining about sectarianism in Lebanon is even more naive than not taking advantage of it.
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5 thoughts on “Aoun on Kalam al-Nas

  1. QN,

    It seems that you’ve uploaded far more posts about Aoun than about any other Christian leader (and for that matter Joumblatt and Hariri). Are you hinting that you’re leaning on his side? 🙂 Is the over-reporting of Aoun a sign that you’re a critic trying to show balanced criticism on all sides? Hmmm… this might be too much of a Freudian analysis ;-). Maybe it’s just that Aoun is the most quoted figure in the news (with Hizballah too), and you’re following the trend. Hehe.

    Posted by Nidal | March 27, 2009, 3:10 pm
  2. The General has lost sight of his dream…That oh so powerful seat in Baabda. Thats the A-Z of Aouns thoughts, opinions and Goals.Everything else is a frustrated man barking back at those who stood in the way of his dream.Such a tragic, brooding character…just not enough to make it novel.

    Posted by Maverick | March 27, 2009, 3:46 pm
  3. I totally agree with your last idea.

    Posted by bech | March 27, 2009, 5:55 pm
  4. Hi QN

    You’re Famous.


    Posted by Idit | March 29, 2009, 10:13 am
  5. I am amazed how we discuss media outlets and personalities in Lebanon without mentioning that they do not declare their sources of funding and that they evade taxes and are ‘owned’ by zua’ma of confessions with support of Arab and non-Arab governments. LBCI has suddenly discovered corruption and mismanagement by the majority.Virtual blackmail of SOLIDERE and 14th March forces has started immediately after MTV received the support of those forces.Now We are discovering Australia and Brazil to resurrect Maronite Lebanon.OLE! Jumaizah does not matter nor does Aoun nor The Lebanese Forces and definitely not Lebanon..Cherche l’argent!

    Posted by Jawad Adra | April 6, 2010, 10:53 am

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