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Popular Vote, Redux

votedThe latest issue of Mideast Monitor is out, and I’ve got an article in it called “Deconstructing the Popular Vote in Lebanon’s Elections,” a more polished version of a post that originally appeared on this blog last month. I highly urge you to read the other articles in the issue, as they are all excellent.

Gary Gambill examines Aoun’s political support today and asks where the FPM will go from here. In a second article, Gambill takes a look at “the pivotal role of Lebanon’s Armenian Christians.”  Finally, Benedetta Berti studies the all-important issue of  electoral reform.

In other news, Walid Jumblatt is insisting that he does not intend to join the opposition, and that March 14 will retain its majority in parliament, putting to rest all the conspiracy theories about March 8 turning the tables on Hariri’s efforts to finish assembling the cabinet of his choice.

For some comic relief, here’s Douma Kratiyyeh’s take on Jumblatt’s latest schizoid episode (part 1part 2).

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3 thoughts on “Popular Vote, Redux

  1. Qifa,

    I liked Berti’s article, but she failed to mention any of the proposed reforms related to the women’s (mis)representation in the parliament, which is as important as the other issues.

    Posted by haytham | August 4, 2009, 10:49 am
  2. Actually, the original draft of her article mentioned the Boutros Commission’s call for female representation quota and other misc. reforms (e.g. lowering voting age, expatriate voting), but I edited these out to encourage more focus on the structural and procedural aspects of the electoral system that perpetuate power of confessional leaders. So this is my fault for micromanaging. If anyone cares to write a piece for the Monitor on misrepresentation of women, please get in touch. It’s really scandalous that a country as sophisticated as Lebanon has such a poor track record on women’s rights. We’re running a piece on suicide/homicide rate among south asian domestic servants in Lebanon for next issue, so it will fit right in.

    Posted by Gary Gambill | August 4, 2009, 6:53 pm


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