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Sois Libanais

Is Walid Jumblatt brilliant, senile, or both? While seated amongst a klatsch of shriveled Druze elders, the PSP leader launched into a diatribe against his Christian and Sunni allies, which was captured on a camera phone and posted on YouTube. (Who knew that shriveled Druze elders were YouTube savvy?) I don’t know about you, but … Continue reading

Sois Belle Et Vote

We here at are completely befuddled over the question of what all of these brilliant political ad designers are going to do when the electoral campaign is over. What do you see as the subtext here? No, no, no, I refuse to believe that there is no subtext… we may be a superficial people … Continue reading

The Magic Number (or, “Who Will Win Lebanon’s Elections, part 2”)

I was thinking yesterday about the likely makeup of the next parliament, in the event of an opposition win.  The question that came to mind was: “How many seats does the Change & Reform bloc need to win in order to push the opposition over the 64-seat mark?” For the past several months, polls published … Continue reading

More Cheeky Aounist Posters

I promise to lay off March 14th at some point this week and go back to bashing Napole-aoun, but credit should be given where credit is due. The silly flag billboards all around Lebanon have been replaced by Future Movement electoral campaign billboards (coincidence?), and as Bech explains over at Remarkz, the results are often … Continue reading

Twenty-Four Hours and Counting…

The Future Movement launched its electoral campaign last night at BIEL with a (rather unusually) charismatic speech by Saad al-Hariri. Eschewing the teleprompters (and correct desinential inflection, alas) al-Hariri built up to a stirring crescendo: “Dear loved ones, there are nine weeks left until June 7. There are nine weeks before we fill the ballot … Continue reading

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