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Humanitarian Relief in Gaza

A couple of weeks have elapsed since Gaza was “drawn into the center of Mideast strife” and the chorus of outrage has grown louder, with several Nobel peace laureates calling for a military embargo against Israel and a US Secretary-of-State famous for his “who-moi” moments giving an impromptu shot across the bow from a hot mic. Will it matter? Does … Continue reading

Is the Iranian Aid Convoy to Gaza Under Hezbollah’s Protection?

Conspiracy Chronicles series, no. 7 Iran is sending a convoy of aid ships to Gaza, according to Iranian state radio. Reuters is reporting that one ship left on Sunday and another “loaded with food, construction material and toys” will leave by this Friday. We haven’t had an episode in our conspiracy chronicles series in a … Continue reading

Five Thoughts on Turkey and the Flotilla Crisis

The following commentary was sent to me by a good friend and smart observer of regional politics. He comments occasionally at QN under the moniker “J of Chalcedon”… ** Here are five thoughts on the flotilla debacle, its gifts to Tayyip Erdogan, and Turkey’s ambitions for regional and international influence… 1) It allows him to … Continue reading

Changing Tides

The news out of Gaza is being covered by plenty of other able bloggers and analysts (like Steve Walt, Issandr El Amrani, Gideon Levy, and my buddy Sean over at the Human Province), so I won’t rehash what everyone’s already said except to make this very cynical point: high-visibility non-violent protests pack a disproportionately heavy punch … Continue reading

The Gaza Freedom March

Steve Walt has an excellent piece over at Foreign Policy about the Gaza Freedom March. I also recommend you check out PULSE, which is covering developments, and Twitter is a goldmine of articles and press reports.  Also check out the Italian GFM members singing Bella Ciao outside the Egyptian Journalists’ Syndicate in Cairo. Finally, a … Continue reading

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