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Hamas and the Peace Process

On May 13, 2008, Yuval Diskin, the director of the Israeli Internal Security Service, Shin Bet, met with U.S. Ambassador Richard Jones to discuss the prospect of a “cooling down” period with Hamas. The conversation was recorded in a government cable released by Wikileaks, and sheds some light on the military strategy that Israel has pursued … Continue reading

Nakba Day Controversies

A debate has emerged in the wake of Sunday’s tragic border killings, turning on the question of whether  the commemoration of Nakba Day (which led to a fence breach in the Golan Heights [check the video out here] and at least ten people killed in Southern Lebanon) was orchestrated by the Assad regime and its … Continue reading

Israel, Syria, and Lebanon: Thinking Outside the Box

Maybe you all can help me understand an idea that I’ve repeatedly encountered among various neoconservative Mideast watchers, with regard to the question of whether or not to engage Syria. In a nutshell, the idea is that the best way for Washington to get what it wants–namely a Syrian regime that doesn’t threaten American or … Continue reading

Changing Tides

The news out of Gaza is being covered by plenty of other able bloggers and analysts (like Steve Walt, Issandr El Amrani, Gideon Levy, and my buddy Sean over at the Human Province), so I won’t rehash what everyone’s already said except to make this very cynical point: high-visibility non-violent protests pack a disproportionately heavy punch … Continue reading

A Qnion Retraction

Dear readers: It has come to our attention that an article that we ran yesterday entitled “Hamas Courts Obama By Decapitating al-Qaida Salafists, Boils Heads in Oil” is riven with factual errors. It seems that the notorious deep fried heads and goats incident was a fabrication concocted by an unknown party (some blame Israel, others, … Continue reading

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