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Syria, Turkey, and the Four Seas Strategy

Haaretz correspondent Yoav Stern has written an interesting article for Syria Comment called “Syria’s Four Seas Strategy“. It’s worth a read, but if you’re too busy to click over, here’s the executive summary. Turkey’s cancellation of a joint air force exercise with Israel last week is just the latest nail in the coffin of the … Continue reading

The Next Lebanon War

Anyone else feel that there’s a creepy symbiosis about Israel and Hizbullah’s messaging strategies these days? Take this little tidbit from al-Manar’s website, which cites an article in The Times (a Rupert Murdoch-owned newspaper) about Hizbullah’s growing arsenal. The original piece states: According to Israeli, United Nations and Hezbollah officials, the Shia Muslim militia is … Continue reading

The Archipelago of Eastern Palestine

Strange Maps has a hi-res version of the brilliant aquatic visual metaphor of West Bank ghettoization. Read the introduction there, as well as Helena Cobban‘s useful commentary. Apparently, the response of pro-Israel pundits to this map is that it is anti-Semitic because it implicitly suggests that the Jews should be driven into the sea. (Yawn…) … Continue reading

Can Syria be the Linchpin in Obama’s Mideast Strategy?

As someone who came to consciousness during the period of Syrian control of Lebanon, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t sympathetic to those Lebanese who regard Damascene politics with an innate sense of trepidation. Growing up in such an environment, I’d heard the old box-of-matches-and-pail-of-water argument countless times, while listening in on discussions … Continue reading

CBS 60 Minutes Segment on Israeli Settlements

I imagine that this video has gone viral by now, but if you have not yet seen it, make sure you do. It is only 13 minutes long. High bandwidth version Low bandwidth version, part 1 Low bandwidth version, part 2

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