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Tribunal Investigators in Lebanon for 3D Filming

That’s right, folks. The Special Tribunal for Lebanon (STL) has dispatched a team of 3D filmmakers to Lebanon to shoot a sequel to Avatar set in downtown Beirut. Or something like that. There have been several notable items in the press over the past week about Hezbollah. Rather than spending an hour trying to figure … Continue reading

Sleiman meets Obama

President Michel Suleiman met with President Obama yesterday afternoon in the Oval Office. Judging from the two leaders’ remarks at the post-meeting press conference, it seems like it went roughly according to script. Sleiman: Thank you for receiving us Mr. President. Obama: Thank you for coming, Mr. President. It’s an honor to have you. Sleiman: … Continue reading

Defensive Strategy

(The scene: a Beirut cafe) Abu Michel: Says here in as-Safir that the next Israel-Lebanon war is gonna happen next April. Abu Samir: You still read that rag? An-Nahar says that the war is gonna be sooner than that. January, February, maximum. Abu Michel: Impossible. Abu Samir: Suit yourself. Abu Michel: The Israelis won’t attack … Continue reading

Syrians Unveil New Secret Weapon

The influential Middle Eastern politics blog, Syria Comment, has the scoop on a new development in the Syrian security apparatus that has “the potential to change the strategic balance of power in the region.” Here’s an excerpt: However, on the heels of the Der Spiegel article, new evidence has emerged from Syria suggesting that the … Continue reading

Israel Unveils Plans for Massive Hummus-Themed Resort

TEL AVIV, Israel — Fresh on the heels of a successful Lebanese bid to win the Guinness World Record for the largest plate of hummus, the Israeli Ministry of Tourism has announced plans to steal back the record by launching a massive “hummus-themed luxury resort and spa” in the north of the country. “Hummus-Land” (pronounced … Continue reading

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