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The Noe Doctrine

My friend Nicholas Noe is on a mission. For several years, he has been arguing that Washington’s hard-line, take-no-prisoners approach to dealing with Syria and Hizbullah is completely misguided. The continuous diet of pressure and isolation tactics from the West, Noe believes, has only served to improve the fortunes of the Resistance Axis, not weaken … Continue reading

How To Prevent the Next Israel-Lebanon War: A Conversation with Nicholas Noe

Nicholas Noe is the co-founder of and the editor of Voice of Hezbollah: The Statements of Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah.┬áHe’s also the author of “Re-Imagining the Lebanon Track” (a Century Foundation white paper [pdf]) and a frequent commentator on Hizbullah and Lebanese political affairs. Despite the fact that he has made his views clear in … Continue reading

Beirut Exchange

While I was in Beirut last week, I stopped by the final lecture of The Beirut Exchange (a two-week program organized by Mideastwire twice a year, in which college and masters students get to meet various political bigwigs and study Arabic). If you’re at all interested in Middle East politics, and Lebanon in particular, I’d … Continue reading

The Saga Continues: Nicholas Noe Responds to Schenker, Hokayem

Nicholas Noe sent me this commentary to publish at QN; it’s a response to the debate about U.S. military funding for the Lebanese Army that we’ve hosted here over the past week. In other news, check out a preview of Jesse Aizenstat’s book on surfing in southern Lebanon. Also, the new Arab Reform Bulletin is … Continue reading

Hizbullah in War and Peace

Update: See the bottom of this post for Joshua Landis’s response to Nick Noe’s article. The much-promised post on the subject of Palestinian naturalization is coming soon, but in the meantime I thought I’d put up Nicholas Noe’s latest article for Bitter Lemons, to see what the QN readership makes of it. ** Hizballah in … Continue reading

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