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Exclusive: NOW Lebanon Opinion Piece Taken Down Because of Editorial Line Violation

As we noted yesterday, a NOW Lebanon editorial surprisingly critical of Saad al-Hariri (“The Baby and the Bathwater”) was taken down without a word of explanation by the editors. After Beirut Spring and I pointed this out, the article was restored with the following disclaimer: NOW Lebanon has intentionally removed this article from the site. It was not … Continue reading

NOW Lebanon Editorial Critical of Saad Hariri Mysteriously Disappears…

Mustapha over at Beirut Spring alerted me to a good editorial over at NOW Lebanon this morning, which criticized Saad Hariri’s lackluster leadership and praised Najib Mikati. Because of the unusual editorial line expressed by the piece, I joked that it was only a matter of time before “NOW Lebanon” became “WAS Lebanon”. It didn’t … Continue reading

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