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Al-Qusayr: Salafist Emirate or Frontier of the Future Alawite State?

What exactly is happening in al-Qusayr? I have no idea, but I’m going to tell you what I think anyway, seeing as how the biggest beneficiaries of the media blackout on Syria are the bloggers, tweeters, and other distant readers whose impressionistic musings are based almost entirely on a process of triangulating between other second-hand … Continue reading

Was Michel Samaha Set Up by Wissam al-Hassan?

There are several conspiracy theories swirling around about the reasons for Wissam al-Hassan’s assassination (and even about whether or not he was even killed in the explosion on Friday…Some are apparently claiming that he was actually killed on the border between Turkey and Syria, and that the explosion last week was a false flag operation … Continue reading

Is the Iranian Aid Convoy to Gaza Under Hezbollah’s Protection?

Conspiracy Chronicles series, no. 7 Iran is sending a convoy of aid ships to Gaza, according to Iranian state radio. Reuters is reporting that one ship left on Sunday and another “loaded with food, construction material and toys” will leave by this Friday. We haven’t had an episode in our conspiracy chronicles series in a … Continue reading

Ocean Alert: Hunting for Bodies or Treasure?

Conspiracy Chronicles series, no. 6 Is the search-and-rescue ship Ocean Alert hunting for the victims of the tragic Ethiopian Airlines crash, or is it prospecting for gold? So asks this article in al-Akhbar, no doubt prompted by the atmosphere of suspicion that has enveloped the post-crash drama. My sources tell me that everyone has a … Continue reading

Der Spiegelgate

Conspiracy Chronicles series, no. 5 There are plenty of worthy analyses out there of the German soap opera known as Der Spiegelgate. This is all I have to contribute.

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