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Lessons in Medieval Campaign Finance Law

Conspiracy Chronicles series, no. 5 We are frequently told that these elections are the most expensive, per capita, in the history of the universe. Recently, I asked an opposition MP running for re-election how much he was spending on billboards and TV appearances. “Well, I just can’t afford to spend the kind of money that … Continue reading

The Speaker Falls Silent

A few days ago, a reader left the following prescient remark in the comment section of this blog: “I’m wondering: does anybody read anything into Amal’s relative absence from the 4 Officers celebration scene? Almost as if wily Berri is trying to meet Jumblatt in the middle…” Come, come… sounds like conspiracy-mongering to me. I … Continue reading

Conspiracy Chronicles, no. 3

So I was having dinner the other night at the home of J, a lovable Beiruti architect whose incredible tabbouleh depends on the secret ingredients of pomegranate molasses and sumac in its dressing. Oops. Sorry J. Anyway, the topic of conversation was Beirut’s recent annointment as one of forty-four  must-visit destinations for 2009, by The … Continue reading

Conspiracy Chronicles, no. 2

“What is with all of these wild fires?” I asked Abbas as we drove back to Beirut from Saida. “This is a mafia at work,” he said confidently. “Really?” “Yes, isn’t it obvious?” “Ummm…” “The fires are always in the Chouf. Always roughly in the same area.” “Not really.” “More or less. They are mostly … Continue reading

Conspiracy Chronicles, issue no. 1

This theory comes courtesy of Abbas, who works as an office boy at a consulting firm in Ras Beirut, and uses the first person plural pronoun (“we”) when speaking about the Hizb. ** Abbas: The Damascus bombing was a message to Syria from the Salafists operating in north Lebanon. The message stated, loud and clear:  … Continue reading

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