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Motives & Mysteries: Tripoli Edition

Whenever a bomb explodes in Lebanon, conversations both public and private revolve around an old parlor game that we might call: “Motives & Mysteries”. For those unfamiliar with the genre, here’s a snippet: Abu Michel: Terrible, the news from Tripoli. Abu Samir: Just awful. Abu Michel: A bunch of jihadi dogs and salafist mercenaries. I … Continue reading

Abbas on Syria

I’m in Beirut for a few weeks this month, seeing family and attending weddings. The mood is eerily pleasant, though now that the Eid has passed everyone seems to be bracing themselves for the return to arms. I caught up with my friend Abbas yesterday. Some of you may remember him from his appearances in … Continue reading

When Langley Met Dahiyeh: A Trans-Oceanic Love Story

Some folks are up in arms about the recent revelation that US intelligence agencies warned the Lebanese government about an Al-Qaida plot to smuggle several tons of explosives into Lebanon. As Mitch Prothero writes in McClatchy: The U.S. Central Intelligence Agency warned Lebanese officials last week that al Qaida-linked groups are planning a campaign of … Continue reading

A Qnion Retraction

Dear readers: It has come to our attention that an article that we ran yesterday entitled “Hamas Courts Obama By Decapitating al-Qaida Salafists, Boils Heads in Oil” is riven with factual errors. It seems that the notorious deep fried heads and goats incident was a fabrication concocted by an unknown party (some blame Israel, others, … Continue reading

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