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Vote on the Next Government’s Agenda

A few days ago, I asked readers to submit what they considered to be the most important priorities for the new Lebanese government to tackle. Although this exercise remains a hypothetical thought experiment (due to the continuing stalemate over the cabinet formation), here’s hoping that your efforts will not be in vain. Vote for your … Continue reading

News and Notes

A few quick things: 1) The Safadi Foundation’s blog (which is good, you should read it) has a useful recap of yesterday’s House Foreign Affairs Middle East Central Asia Subcommittee’s hearing with Assistant Secretary for Near East Affairs, Jeffrey Feltman. Among the highlights, the following question from Chairman Gary Ackerman (who once coordinated with Michel … Continue reading

Fighting Climate Change on the Corniche

Feast your eyes on Rami Eid, an environmental activist who is staging a protest about climate change by spending three days ankle-deep in water in a glass cube on the Corniche, Beirut’s busy seaside thoroughfare. Follow him on his blog here, and check out +961’s photos here. My hat goes off to the guy for … Continue reading

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