March 8

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Will the U.S. Punish Lebanon For Electing The Opposition?

Hillary Clinton popped over to Beirut yesterday to say hello to old friends, snap a few pictures, visit Rafiq Hariri’s tomb, and grab a quick falafel sandwich at Sahyoun’s. The aim of her visit was to reassure everyone that the United States is not planning to sell Lebanon down the river: “There is nothing that … Continue reading

After the Elections

I was putting the finishing touches on a piece about the post-election situation when good old Walid “Weather Vane” Jumblatt gave me a nice quote to lead with. On Easter Sunday’s “Beirut-Shweifat-Dahiyeh-Mountains reconciliation” (where old alliances, like Christ, rose up after being left for dead), Jumblatt declared:  “Elections are an important phase, but more important … Continue reading

Does Hizbullah Want to Lose the Election?

[Updated] See below for an extended analysis by Joshua Landis posted in the comment section of the last post. Angry Arab has this report on his blog: “I can report this: many in the Lebanese opposition are grumbling about Hizbullah and its stance in the upcoming parliamentary election. There is a suspicion (among the allies … Continue reading

Who Will Win Lebanon’s Elections? (Part I)

I had lunch with one of Lebanon’s top pollsters a couple of days ago, and I asked him about whose chances he liked, now that we’re just over three months away from the parliamentary elections. He said that Aoun had not lost as much support among Christians as his opponents are claiming. In fact, many … Continue reading

“What if Hizbullah Wins?”

This is a question that one hears frequently these days in Beirut. If you haven’t heard it yet, be assured that in a couple of months, it will be all anybody is talking about. Why? Because there is a legitimate possibility, some would say probability, that the Lebanese opposition will become the majority in the … Continue reading

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