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Crisis in Syria: A Bloggingheads Diavlog with Michael Young and Elias Muhanna

I recorded a discussion with Michael Young this weekend about the situation in Syria and its impact on Lebanon. You can watch the whole thing at the Bloggingheads website, but be sure to come back and comment. Michael is the opinion editor of the Daily Star, and the author of a very interesting book about … Continue reading

An Interview with Michael Young

Last month, I reviewed The Ghosts of Martyrs Square, Michael Young’s new book, for The Nation. Shortly after the review appeared, I got in touch with Mr. Young and invited him to expand upon certain themes from his book in the form of a QN interview. Very much looking forward to the discussion that follows. … Continue reading

A Review of Michael Young’s New Book

I’ve written a review of Michael Young’s new book for The Nation. An excerpt is pasted below with a link to the rest of the review. A Forest of Fathers One weekend during the spring of 2008, I found myself in a discussion with a friend about Lebanon’s latest political crisis. In Beirut the office … Continue reading

News & Notes (Dec. 30, 2009)

I haven’t read it yet, but judging from the reviews, it sounds like Lee Smith’s book is a bit of a dud. Max Rodenbeck skewers it for The National: “Smith believes he has much to teach us about this corner of the world, a patch he covered, from Cairo and Beirut, for the Weekly Standard, … Continue reading

The Turnstile Executive

Michael Young’s op-ed over at the Daily Star makes sense on the following point, I find: But right after shattering the jar of complacency on Hizbullah, Sfeir was asked about the abolition of political confessionalism. And here the patriarch fell back into a disposition that showed why, for all his qualities, he is no innovator. … Continue reading

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