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Lowering the Voting Age: No Real Impact on Percentage of Christian/Muslim Voters?

So, as is well-known, many Christians in Lebanon are worried about lowering the voting age to 18, because they think that this will swell the ranks of Muslim voters in a disproportionate way. Or so say Abu Michel and Abu Samir… However, an informed reader of Qifa Nabki has made an astute intervention that busts … Continue reading

Quid Pro Quo

(The scene: A Beirut cafe) Abu Michel: Did you hear that they’re trying to lower the voting age to 18? Abu Samir: Of course. What a ridiculous idea. Abu Michel: What do 18 year-olds know about anything? Abu Samir: When I was 18, I was still a child. Abu Michel: And the 18 year-olds these … Continue reading

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