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Sheikh Nadim, Abu Laymouneh, and the Mother of all Battles

View from a ’72 Benz C250 series, no. 5 It took all of thirty seconds to determine that Abu Georges, the driver of the white ’78 Peugeot with the immaculate interior, was a perfect candidate for a piece in this series. We were rumbling down the hill in Achrafieh on a cool spring night, and … Continue reading

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I thought I might draw your attention to a hilarious discussion on the FPM comment boards about whom the Aounists should nominate to face the Young Turks of March 14’s Christian parties (also known as the Related-To-Martyrs List). I’m referring, of course, to Michel “Micho” Mouawad (son of slain prez René Mouawad), Sami Gemayel (brother … Continue reading

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