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Who Needs Hizbullah? (According to Wikileaks, Not Nabih Berri)

Over the past several weeks, as Wikileaks has released its reams of US government cables full of politically damaging statements by the leaders of Lebanon’s March 14th coalition, many have remarked on the fact that Hizbullah and its allies have not exploited the documents as purposefully as they could have. Sure, there has been the … Continue reading

Wikileaks Cables on the July 2006 War

Apologies for the brief absence, folks. Things have been busy, but not busy enough to keep me from devouring all of the Wikileaks cables about the July 2006 War that al-Akhbar has been publishing. Mesmerizing stuff… For English speakers who may have trouble navigating the newspaper’s website, I’ve posted links to all of the relevant … Continue reading

Day of Hypocrisy

The political story in Lebanon is changing so quickly that I’m loathe to forecast how things are going to play out over the next couple of weeks. A few quick thoughts, though, on the calculations of the various players and the choices they face: 1. Tables are turned Lebanon’s Sunnis are calling for a “day … Continue reading

Saving Lebanon’s Syrian-Saudi-Qatari-Turkish Initiative

It’s been another marathon day for political deal-making in Lebanon. As recently as this morning, the Syrian-Saudi initiative remained dead and buried, only to be resurrected under Qatari-Turkish stewardship (and French oversight) by the afternoon.  Tomorrow, we may see the Brazilians and the Russians tossing their hats in the ring, and before you know it, … Continue reading

Some Post-Speech Thoughts

Here are some quick thoughts on Hizbullah secretary-general Sayyid Hasan Nasrallah’s speech this evening, which I live-blogged here (see here for another English translation). Firstly, I found Nasrallah’s discussion of the terms of the Syrian-Saudi initiative to be quite interesting. If Saad al-Hariri really did agree to the opposition’s demands that they (a) withdraw the … Continue reading

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