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Tunisia’s Upcoming Elections: Lessons for Lebanon?

The Project on Middle East Democracy (POMED) has published an excellent primer on Tunisia’s upcoming elections. It is succinct, well-written, and will bring you up to speed on all of the most important players, issues, and questions in about twenty minutes. I highly recommend checking it out (download the PDF here). Speaking of elections, Lebanon’s … Continue reading

Lebanon and the Arab Revolutions

Several months ago, I found myself in a group discussion on Facebook about the Arab revolutions. Egypt and Tunisia had recently toppled their dictators, and the freedom train seemed poised to roll into Yemen, Libya, Syria, and beyond. It escaped no one during this season of political transformation in the Middle East that Lebanon was … Continue reading

Révolution à la Libanaise

A friend of mine, J of Chalcedon, left a great comment a couple days ago in the midst of a discussion about Lebanese electoral politics. I reproduce it below: “Greetings and salutations. I don’t comment here much anymore, largely because work and the general regional upheaval occupy my attention. I do check out the conversation … Continue reading

What Does the Future Hold For Syria?

My good friend George Saghir, one of the best analysts of Syrian economic affairs, has written a thought-provoking essay for Joshua Landis’s Syria Comment, in which he argues that Syria is staring down the same shotgun barrel as virtually every other Arab nation. Unless it finds a way to radically increase economic activity and curb … Continue reading

Are All (Middle Eastern) Revolutions Created Equal?

The developments in Lebanon are little more than a distraction compared to the amazing events that have unfolded in Tunisia over the past couple of days. Demonstrating protesters! Police brutality! Collapsing governments! Fleeing autocrats! Thrilling stuff… Now that the Western media has finally sat up to take notice of what’s been happening in Tunisia, several … Continue reading

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