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Who Would Benefit from Proportional Representation in Lebanon’s 2013 Elections?

I recently read an interesting profile of ex-Minister of the Interior Ziad Baroud in Al-Akhbar English (which, by the way, you should all be reading on a daily basis). The last two paragraphs, in particular, caught my eye: As part of his interest in electoral law, Baroud is in contact with Bahij Tabbara, a former … Continue reading

Lebanon’s Political Honeypot: What’s Behind the Telecoms Spat

The following commentary is by a well-informed reader of this blog who goes by the pseudonym “Charles”. He was one of the authors of the excellent Lebanese Political Journal¬†blog¬†(largely defunct since about 2007, but a must-read during the post-Hariri assassination years), and his intervention¬†provides some much-needed context on the larger issues behind the telecoms showdown … Continue reading

Coup-Coup in Lebanon: Minister Baroud Resigns Over Telecoms-ISF Showdown

Lebanese Interior Minister Ziyad Baroud resigned yesterday following a bizarre showdown involving two different branches of the Internal Security Forces, Minister of Telecommunications Charbel Nahhas, and Baroud himself. March 14 is calling it a Telecoms Ministry-launched coup against the executive branch of the Lebanese government; March 8th is calling it an ISF-launched coup against the … Continue reading

Railroads and Ferries

Traffic in Beirut is awful and it’s getting worse. When I was in town a couple of weeks ago, it took me an hour to traverse the 3km from Hamra to Sodeco on a weekday afternoon, and then another hour and half to get from Sodeco up to the mountain village of Roumieh (which would … Continue reading

Vote on the Next Government’s Agenda

A few days ago, I asked readers to submit what they considered to be the most important priorities for the new Lebanese government to tackle. Although this exercise remains a hypothetical thought experiment (due to the continuing stalemate over the cabinet formation), here’s hoping that your efforts will not be in vain. Vote for your … Continue reading

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