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The Return of Hussam Hussam

Lebanese television station Al-Jadeed released another titillating episode in its series “Haqiqa Leaks” a few days ago, this time featuring the notorious Hussam Hussam, a Syrian intelligence agent who came forward early in the Hariri investigation with information incriminating Syrian and Lebanese security officials. Hussam, like Siddiq (who was the star of his own Haqiqa … Continue reading

Mubarak’s Options

If recent history is any indication, this is probably the conversation taking place in the Egyptian presidential palace right about now…

Should Hariri Join Miqati’s Cabinet?

To join or not to join? That is the question that Michael Young and many other Lebanese analysts have been asking, as PM-designate Najib Miqati sets about trying to form a government. Young comes down on the side of Hariri’s participation in the Hizbullah-led March 8th coalition cabinet, but on the condition that March 14th … Continue reading

Day of Hypocrisy

The political story in Lebanon is changing so quickly that I’m loathe to forecast how things are going to play out over the next couple of weeks. A few quick thoughts, though, on the calculations of the various players and the choices they face: 1. Tables are turned Lebanon’s Sunnis are calling for a “day … Continue reading

Who Will Be Lebanon’s Next Prime Minister: Doing the Parliamentary Math

Last Saturday, Lebanon’s As-Safir newspaper published an excellent analysis of the different possible scenarios that could lead to the nomination of a new Prime Minister. It sheds important light on the political math behind the question of who will lead Lebanon, now that Saad al-Hariri’s government has fallen. Download the As-Safir report here. (The above … Continue reading

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