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Inscriptions in the Desert

I’ve written an essay for The New Yorker‘s Culture Desk about the fascinating research of Ahmad Al-Jallad, a scholar of Semitic linguistics and ancient epigraphy. The first few paragraphs of the piece are below, with a link to the rest on the magazine’s webpage. Some readers may also be interested in a piece I wrote about … Continue reading

The Death of Arabic is Greatly Exaggerated

ننتقل الآن الى موضوع لا علاقة له بالمحكمة الدولية أو حزب الله أو بالسياسة اللبنانية بشكل عام ، بل وهو موضوع اللغة العربية المهملة المنسية الموشكة على الانقراض Oops. Got a little carried away there. In case some of you are feeling a little bit overloaded on Lebanese politics (in which case, your QN membership … Continue reading

In Search of Lebanese Children’s Literature

As long as there’s hardly anything to talk about in Lebanese politics, allow me to gripe about another subject close to my heart, namely children’s literature written in Lebanese Arabic. Here’s the problem: there isn’t any. As most of you know, I spent the last academic year living in Beirut, writing my dissertation. Part of … Continue reading

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