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Syria Walks the Tightrope

What is it with Bashar al-Assad? One minute, he’s clinking champagne glasses in celebration of Syria’s return to America’s good graces, and the next minute he’s raising a toast with Ahmadinejad and Nasrallah at a Resistance Reunion. The don’t-trust-Syria crowd is having a field day. There’s something deeply puzzling about this man. Until recently, I … Continue reading

Hezbollah Announces a New Party Program

Hezbollah secretary-general Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah announced today that his party had adopted a new program, the first time this has happened since Hezbollah’s inaugural “Open Letter” was published in 1985 (an English translation can be found here). One should be advised that there is very little in it that is going to surprise you. In … Continue reading

Defensive Strategy

(The scene: a Beirut cafe) Abu Michel: Says here in as-Safir that the next Israel-Lebanon war is gonna happen next April. Abu Samir: You still read that rag? An-Nahar says that the war is gonna be sooner than that. January, February, maximum. Abu Michel: Impossible. Abu Samir: Suit yourself. Abu Michel: The Israelis won’t attack … Continue reading

Is the Opposition Losing Patience With Aoun?

Three developments in the past couple of days have signaled that we may indeed be nearing the end of Lebanon’s five-month stretch without a government. 1) As reported earlier, Suleiman Frangieh — the leader of the Marada party, and a member of the Change & Reform Bloc — expressed his annoyance with the fact that … Continue reading

Egypt Selling Lebanon Down the Nile?

An astute reader of this blog sent me the following commentary, which speculates about the significance of several curious little signals coming out of Egypt. ** In a sudden cloud burst of optimism, the Cabinet Alert Level was raised to orange Monday evening, only to come crashing down on the rocks of further demands by … Continue reading

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