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Is the Iranian Aid Convoy to Gaza Under Hezbollah’s Protection?

Conspiracy Chronicles series, no. 7 Iran is sending a convoy of aid ships to Gaza, according to Iranian state radio. Reuters is reporting that one ship left on Sunday and another “loaded with food, construction material and toys” will leave by this Friday. We haven’t had an episode in our conspiracy chronicles series in a … Continue reading

Damocles’s Armory

I know several foreigners who are traveling to Lebanon this summer, and so I’m routinely asked about the chances of “something happening” while they are there. I usually adopt a thoughtful expression, pause for a moment, and tell them not to worry. This seems to work. Sometimes, if I am feeling mischievous, I adopt a … Continue reading Launches

I’m pleased to announce the launch of, a website that has been in development for about a year now. Here’s the skinny on it: is an online discussion arena intended for raising and debating ideas central to the Arab-Israeli peace process. The project, which represents the first joint Syrian-Israeli online dialogue of its … Continue reading

SCUD-D vs. Fateh-110

The Syria-Hizbullah-SCUD crisis has generated an incredible amount of press in the last week. Assistant Secretary of State Jeffrey Feltman was dressed down yesterday before Congress for defending Obama’s engagement policy with Syria, and Foreign Policy alone has carried something like three opinion pieces about the issue just in the past couple of days.  (For … Continue reading

Scudding Right Along

DAMASCUS, Syria — U.S. and Israeli officials have reacted negatively to reports that Syria has transferred Scud missiles to the Lebanese militant group Hezbollah. Israel has called the development a “game-changing” move by Syria which has the potential to tip the region into a military conflagration. “Syria claims it wants peace while at the same … Continue reading

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