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Electoral Districts in Lebanon

In the spirit of all the recent discussion about secularism and deconfessionalism in Lebanon, I thought I’d write a post that approached the issue of electoral districting. What’s the connection between electoral districting and abolishing confessionalism, you ask? Grab a chair… As most of us know, the ratio of voters to members of parliament varies … Continue reading

Lebanese 2009 Election Reports

The National Democratic Institute has released its report on the Lebanese parliamentary elections of 2009. (Download a PDF in English or Arabic.) See if you can spot this blog in the footnotes. The EU Observation Mission released its report (pdf) back in October; the Carter Center has yet to publish a final report. It now … Continue reading

Who Won?

I wasn’t really planning to write a post on this subject, but since people like winners and losers, maybe it’s worth saying something. One commenter writes: I’d be interested to read your analysis on who you think “won” from this cabinet haggling/negotiation. Do you think by holding out so long and getting more or less … Continue reading

The New Cabinet: Observations & Projections

The dust still hasn’t settled on the new cabinet — partly because some ministers are actively trying to kick it up — but it’s worth remarking briefly on some of its features, and on the challenges facing PM Hariri over the next week or so. 1) The Kata’eb Defection: As we’ve all heard by now, … Continue reading

Lebanon’s Cabinet Lineup

** See below for continuing updates ** At approximately 8PM Beirut time, President Michel Suleiman signed the following decrees, dissolving the current cabinet and appointing the new one. Decree #2837: The cabinet led by Prime Minister Fouad Siniora is now resigned. Decree #2838: Saad al-Hariri is hereby appointed Prime Minister. Decree #2839: Pursuant to the … Continue reading

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