March 14

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The Tribunal is Dead! Long Live the Tribunal!

As I waited in line for my zaatar man’oushe this morning, a passerby waved to Ali, the baker, and wished him a good morning. “What’s so good about it?” Ali muttered back, staring down at his bucket of chopped tomatoes. The supporters of March 14th are not loving life today, despite Saad al-Hariri’s efforts to … Continue reading

Whither the Tribunal?

BREAKING NEWS: All Four Generals Released… (see below for update) We are hours away from a potentially groundbreaking decision, vis-à-vis the detention of the four generals held in connection with Rafiq Hariri’s murder, the fate of the International Tribunal, and (further down the road) the outcome of the parliamentary elections. Daniel Bellemare, prosecutor to the … Continue reading

Sois Belle Et Vote

We here at are completely befuddled over the question of what all of these brilliant political ad designers are going to do when the electoral campaign is over. What do you see as the subtext here? No, no, no, I refuse to believe that there is no subtext… we may be a superficial people … Continue reading

After the Elections

I was putting the finishing touches on a piece about the post-election situation when good old Walid “Weather Vane” Jumblatt gave me a nice quote to lead with. On Easter Sunday’s “Beirut-Shweifat-Dahiyeh-Mountains reconciliation” (where old alliances, like Christ, rose up after being left for dead), Jumblatt declared:  “Elections are an important phase, but more important … Continue reading

“So much for Lebanon’s so-called Cedar Revolution…”

Michael Young had an article in yesterday’s Daily Star entitled “Syria Will Win Lebanon’s Elections.” Young-haters will gleefully read it as a sign of surrender by one of March 14th’s most ardent and eloquent spokesmen, while his fans will tell you that there’s nothing new about this latest offering: Michael Young has been sour on … Continue reading

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