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Nasrallah’s Rhetoric Directed East or West?

Update: Joshua Landis responds to this piece; I’ve posted his comments below the article. *** I’ve got an article over at Joshua Landis’s Syria Comment. I reproduce the text below. In a speech Friday evening commemorating the Prophet Muhammad’s birthday, Hizbullah secretary-general Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah rejected the recent American offer of dialogue along with its … Continue reading

Bashar: “I will work to involve Hizbullah and Hamas in the negotiations…”

I hate to say “I told you so…”, but this time I just can’t resist. Do y’all remember our lovely discussion from a few days ago, when I wrote a post about Lebanon’s role in the peace talks? The QN groupies (is it alright if I call you that?) said I was crazy to imagine … Continue reading

Can Lebanon Play a Role in Syrian-Israeli Talks?

Joshua Landis, over at Syria Comment, has a good analysis entitled “Why Syria Will Not Get the Golan Back“. In it, he argues that obstacles such as mutual mistrust and the imbalance of power will overwhelm the Syrian-Israeli negotiations, producing “talks and plenty of discussions and process, but no peace.” Landis is planning to argue … Continue reading

Can Syria be the Linchpin in Obama’s Mideast Strategy?

As someone who came to consciousness during the period of Syrian control of Lebanon, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t sympathetic to those Lebanese who regard Damascene politics with an innate sense of trepidation. Growing up in such an environment, I’d heard the old box-of-matches-and-pail-of-water argument countless times, while listening in on discussions … Continue reading

Engaging Syria, part 1

Everybody is talking about Obama’s need to engage Syria. The pro-engagement crowd has grown beyond the initial cadre of Arab-friendly analysts and now includes taste-makers and heavy hitters who have the ear of the President: people like Martin Indyk, Richard Haass, and others. Only a year ago, when Syria Comment and Creative Forum hosted discussions about Syrian-Israeli … Continue reading

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