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An Interview with Thanassis Cambanis

A friend of mine, Thanassis Cambanis, has a new book out about Hizbullah. Between 2000 and 2007, Thanassis worked as a reporter for the Boston Globe, and served as the paper’s Iraq bureau chief from 2003-05 and Middle East bureau chief from 2005-07. He’s also worked for The New York Times and various other media … Continue reading

Hezbollah, the Basij, and the Iranian Green Movement

Hilal Khashan, Professor of Political Studies and Public Administration at the American University of Beirut, recently claimed that Hezbollah sent several hundred members to Iran last year to help clamp down on the anti-regime protests. Khashan, who is frequently quoted in the foreign press on Lebanon-related stories, says that his source for this information is … Continue reading

Is the Iranian Aid Convoy to Gaza Under Hezbollah’s Protection?

Conspiracy Chronicles series, no. 7 Iran is sending a convoy of aid ships to Gaza, according to Iranian state radio. Reuters is reporting that one ship left on Sunday and another “loaded with food, construction material and toys” will leave by this Friday. We haven’t had an episode in our conspiracy chronicles series in a … Continue reading

Axis(tential) Questions

A couple of days ago, I sat in on a lecture about Nasser’s foreign policy in the 1950’s-60’s, and the importance of regional axes in the Cold War world. It left me wondering about the extent to which we still live in such a world today, at least as far as Middle East politics are … Continue reading

Syria Walks the Tightrope

What is it with Bashar al-Assad? One minute, he’s clinking champagne glasses in celebration of Syria’s return to America’s good graces, and the next minute he’s raising a toast with Ahmadinejad and Nasrallah at a Resistance Reunion. The don’t-trust-Syria crowd is having a field day. There’s something deeply puzzling about this man. Until recently, I … Continue reading

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