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The End of Political Confessionalism in Lebanon?

Many thanks to everyone for all of their kind words and well wishes about the new baby: both mother and daughter are doing very well. As noted yesterday, I will not be at the Safadi/POMED event in Washington tomorrow, but you should still plan on going to hear Mona Yacoubian and Jared Cohen speak about … Continue reading

Confessionalism or Cronyism?

How much of the current fight about administrative appointments is about sectarian politics, and how much of it is just about politics? When one hears reports about how so-and-so is demanding that such-and-such position is given to this or that sect, it’s tempting to get up on the soapbox and proclaim that confessionalism is rearing … Continue reading

Picking on Berri

The only issue of real import in Lebanon these days — as far as political reform is concerned — is Nabih Berri’s controversial call to establish a committee to¬†explore the ways and means to¬†abolish political sectarianism. Yes, you heard me right. Berri has called a meeting. A brown bag lunch. A coffee hour. And everybody … Continue reading

Is the Opposition Losing Patience With Aoun?

Three developments in the past couple of days have signaled that we may indeed be nearing the end of Lebanon’s five-month stretch without a government. 1) As reported earlier, Suleiman Frangieh — the leader of the Marada party, and a member of the Change & Reform Bloc — expressed his annoyance with the fact that … Continue reading

Is That a Silver Bullet In Your Pocket…

We’ve entered the third week of deliberations over Lebanon’s next cabinet lineup, and there is no end in sight. Hariri has paid more house calls than a 19th century doctor in typhoid season, and yet for all we know, there isn’t even agreement on the most basic issues, like the number of ministers accorded to … Continue reading

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