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Showdown in Jezzine

I’ve got to hand it to General Aoun. He’s made one district in southern Lebanon worth watching… By now, most will have heard about the unusual arrangement arrived at by Amal and the Free Patriotic Movement over the Christian district of Jezzine. After weeks (and weeks and weeks) of negotiations, Aoun announced that he couldn’t … Continue reading

The Speaker Falls Silent

A few days ago, a reader left the following prescient remark in the comment section of this blog: “I’m wondering: does anybody read anything into Amal’s relative absence from the 4 Officers celebration scene? Almost as if wily Berri is trying to meet Jumblatt in the middle…” Come, come… sounds like conspiracy-mongering to me. I … Continue reading

Saudi Arabia Slapping Siniora’s Wrist?

Abd al-Rahman al-Rashid pens a curious editorial in Asharq al-Awsat (via FLC) about the misspent foreign aid that Saudi Arabia has been doling out. After bashing Nabih Berri’s abusive treatment of Fouad Siniora and discussing the inevitable squabbles that will surround the billion dollar gift that KSA is planning for Gaza, al-Rashid takes aim, oddly, … Continue reading

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